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Whether you are new or experienced in the automation business, you must be sometimes confused with the terms used by proxy providers. Well, you should be.

Proxy providers will often use vague terms in misleading ways to attract new customers, some of these terms don’t actually hold any real meaning at all and are just marketing terms, while some of them are indeed real.

Some of these terms are also used interchangeably with one other but actually mean the same thing.

Some of these terms are “Residential”, “Rotating”, “Private”, “Shared”, “Elite”, “Social Media Proxies” and many more. …

Looking into utilizing e-Commerce proxies for data scraping? Read on…

Thanks to the Internet, online shopping has given every individual convenience. However, there are instances that e-commerce websites can’t be accessed. What could be the reasons? And how can these blocks be avoided?

What is E-commerce scraping, and why is it so popular?

Shopping online is the most convenient thing to do these days. However, there is a lot of competition in this industry, especially when sudden changes in the prices from different e-commerce sites.

This is why e-commerce scraping has become popular. This process involves taking out the visible content of the different websites by using automated bots or…

Here are FAQs about residential proxies that can help and guide you through. The internet is a wide ocean of information, but personal data can be fished easily if it is wrongly used. Also, there are instances that information and other sites can’t be accessed if you are in another area. So, good thing, proxy servers were created.

Do you have questions in mind about residential proxies? We have prepared brief answers to the most frequently asked questions.

FAQs About Residential Proxies

What is a residential proxy?

By definition, a residential proxy serves as an intermediary channel between the end-user and the website that it uses. …

Privacy, especially in using the internet, is a necessity and should not be taken for granted. This is why using a proxy network is essential. Let us guide you through how proxies, especially residential proxies, work for you.

Proxy Server: How is it defined?

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between the user and the internet. It is like a firewall that prevents personal information from being protected from unwanted things like fraudulent activities.

Residential IP Address: What is it, and how does it work?

The IP address or Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers divided by periods assigned by the IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. …

What is IPV4 VS 4G Residential Proxies? Read on…

Everyone wants to feel safe, most especially in their own homes. However, the internet is not giving this kind of security because browsing and using the internet can still be dangerous even if you are at home. This is the main reason why many homeowners prefer to invest in residential proxies. Let us find out more about residential proxies.

What is 4G Residential Proxies?

By definition, a proxy is an intermediary between the user from the web. It is used to mask up the identity of the user. For example, a residential proxy allows you to…

Proxy VS VPN, what’s their difference?

The internet is a prominent place to be in. It is full of information, and it is full of wonders, but it could be a scary place to be in. It can be a place of fraud where your safety and security can be at stake. It is a place where your personal information can be stolen.

So, if you value your security, it is the right time to use a proxy server. But a proxy server is often interchangeably used with a virtual private network or a VPN. Are you one of those…

Ready to use 4G Proxy as your next marketing technique? Read on…

Marketing is a vital part of every business. There are different ways to market, and one of the most popular ways these days is using the internet. However, the internet is a prominent place to be in, and sadly, it is also a place where fraud occurs. This is why proxy servers are created.

A proxy server is a mechanism that separates users from browsing websites. It makes sure that security and privacy are maintained. …

In this guide you will know everything about LinkedIn scraping using Phantombuster. Phantombuster is a data extraction tool designed to help sales and marketing teams across businesses of all sizes collect information. Using Phantbuster in scraping will save a lot of your time and it’s so easy to do.

First thing you have to keep in mind is you need to have keywords. These keywords will be used to scrape accounts in that specific niche together with the location where the users currently reside. Let’s say you will scrape accounts whose jobs are “influencers’’ you will also need the location…

Ready to boost on social media? Let’s start.

Privacy has always been vital, even on the web. This is why proxy servers were created for anonymity and the protection of critical data. Proxy servers are very useful in increasing the speed; they compress traffic and cache files.

Proxy servers do not just stop there because they also help online businesses boost on social media. Here are the top ways on how proxy servers and social media sites are a perfect match.

1. Proxy Servers help in running campaigns in Social Media

Businesses these days use social media to be recognized by their potential clients. Getting recognized through follows, likes, and…

How to choose the best social media proxy?

Most people have social media accounts to connect with family and friends. However, social media has grown because it is now an excellent channel for marketing your products and services. Also, social media marketing is used by different companies to let their clients know their online presence.

Social media sites have been rigorous when it comes to marketing using their sites. Content is carefully screened, and those posts that do not adhere to the community’s rules will be marked as spam and flagged. People who create multiple posts will be banned. …

The Social Proxy

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