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How to Use Phantombuster for LinkedIn Users Scraping

In this guide you will know everything about LinkedIn scraping using Phantombuster. Phantombuster is a data extraction tool designed to help sales and marketing teams across businesses of all sizes collect information. Using Phantbuster in scraping will save a lot of your time and it’s so easy to do.

First thing you have to keep in mind is you need to have keywords. These keywords will be used to scrape accounts in that specific niche together with the location where the users currently reside. Let’s say you will scrape accounts whose jobs are “influencers’’ you will also need the location, like’ “Texas “. So, all of the influencers around Texas who have LinkedIn accounts will be scraped, thus the keywords and locations are very essential when you do scraping. Next is what kind of phantom are you going to utilize in the Phantombuster app. Here you will set up the session cookies and the right and exact settings in order for it to function properly.

The step by step process in scraping Linkedin profiles will be in this guide, so better to check it out and see how you will do scraping using Phantombuster. Read to know more.

Steps: How to scrape for LinkedIn using Phantombuster

  • Next is to choose the location

You need to put a specific location together with the keyword to get the results

  • Then, click SHOW RESULTS
  • After clicking SHOW RESULTS, you will be given a search url (See photo)

This url will be used later on for scraping

  • After that, go to Phantombuster
  • Click PHANTOM
  • Then click ALL CATEGORIES
  • You will be directed here after clicking all categories
  • You need to type SEARCH on the box
  • Then click USE THIS PHANTOM under LINKEDIN
  • You will be directed to this page then click USE THIS PHANTOM
  • Click USE THIS PHANTOM to proceed
  • For the continuation, you need to get the session cookie first.
  • To get the cookie, you need to go back to your LinkedIn account or page and on your mouse or pad do right click.
  • Then click INSPECT
  • You will see a black part on the screen, then click APPLICATION
  • Then go to COOKIES

Underneath are the cookies that you need to get

  • Find the cookies that you need. (In this case we need to find the cookies for LinkedIn)
  • Click the cookies
  • Find the word li_at and on the right side next to that word will be the cookie session that you’re going to use
  • Then, you need to copy it by doing right click on your mouse/pad
  • After that, go back to phantombuster page and paste the session cookies that you just copied
  • Then click save once you already paste the cookies
  • After clicking save you will be directed to this page
  • In this part you will be needing to create a sheet (Excel). So open an empty spreadsheet
  • Go to back to LinkedIn page and COPY the url
  • Then paste the URL on the spreadsheet. Also do not forget to name your spreadsheet

NOTE: Make sure that the spreadsheet is publicly available. It should be visible to everyone

  • Next, copy the link of the spreadsheet, go back to phantombuster and then paste it. After pasting click save immediately
  • Next step, set up everything needed (See photo)
  • Then click SAVE again
  • Next is to click LAUNCH

You need to wait for a couple of minutes while the file is launching

  • You will know it’s finish when the page turns like this

In this case, you can easily download the excel file that contains the extracted users who will become the specific users you will send connection requests to using the LinkedIn account you connected to social media automation.

That’s how you scrape LinkedIn users using Phantombuster and make sure you use a reliable proxy to keep the account safe while doing the scraping. For 4G proxy needs, you may visit our site at to know more. To avail great discounts, you may use the coupon code Lychee to get 15 Euros off and 3 days free trial.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment in case you have questions. Happy scraping!

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